Sunday, May 11, 2008

RE: Kinabalu Climb via Low's Peak Circuit

A reply from Mountain Torq! hehehe... the truth is, their reply went to my spam folder... damn Yahoo! mail!

Hi James,

Sorry for the delay.

Please let me know your actual date?

I we have the availability then we can process you booking. Please see the attached itineraries again.




Hi James,

Sorry for the delay and thank you so much for your enquiry.

Here are our prices for each package.

2D1N Walk the Torq: USD320 per Person

2D1N the Preamble: USD365 per Person (No Summit )

2D1N Low’s Peak Circuit: USD365 per Person

3D2N Walk the Torq + Abselling: USD480 per Person

3D2N Low’s Peak Circuit + Abselling: USD565 per Person

4D3N Mt Torq Experience:USD740 per Person

*See the attached itineraries for your references.

Via Ferrata is easier than a rock climbing and yes you can bring your own PPE.

May I know your actual date? I will check reserve a slot for you.



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