Saturday, June 21, 2008

Touchdown: Kota Kinabalu

I boarded AK503 at exactly 1825hrs after a 6hour wait.

I was surprised to know that I was one of the few who availed of the Express Boarding... one of the few who boarded the plane earlier than others... I did get a spicy Asian Meal.

Arrived in KK in 2hours. Good weather... clear skies... but with a hint of drizzle.

At the lobby of the airport, I was met by Simon of Kinabalu Backpackers Lodge. Then we did go straight to the lodge. Finally I met Hody! Hody is a she!

It was unfortunate that currency exchange shops closed early, but I withdrew Ringgit directly from the ATM via my BPI card. I then went straight to a 7-Eleven store to purchase 2-liters of bottled water.

Airline food was not that heavy, so I looked for an open restaurant.

I went back to the lodge after... paid Simon the balance for my accommodation... after a hot shower, I prepared my pack for tomorrow's climb.

Hit the sack 2300hrs.

KK, here I come!


backPackingSheet said...

Sir do you have the budget listing for this climb? and is it possible to do Mesilau Timpohon traverse without having to stay at one of the plush lodges? Thanks

jaymz said...

@backPackingSheet: for the Low's Peak Circuit/Via Ferrata, ballpark figure is 30k PhP, circa 2008.
no idea for the Mesilau Timpohon traverse trek, but it is mandatory/regulation to stay overnight in a hut. i think, to circumvent this is to join the Mount Kinabalu Marathon or better yet- get MountainTorq's "Alpine Experience" (the only outfitter authorized to do camping on Kinabalu).

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